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People will believe their own version of the “truth” to suit their needs, to deal with their guilt and to help ease their consciences. Because dealing with the facts of a situation is often more difficult and forces them to face up to their own wrong doing, their transgressions, betrayal, deceit and duplicity.

You can treat a person like gold, put them on a pedestal, worship and adore them, continually show them how much you love them with your words and more so with your actions but at the end of the day, if they’ve got a different agenda, if their “love” is divided and they’re constantly blowing hot and cold with you, then you need to face the reality that you were nothing more than a desperately needed distraction to them for that moment in time, that you were being used and led to believe in a “reality” that was all in your mind(not theirs), a means to an end leaving you completely emotionally & mentally fucked!!!

Sometimes poison can taste sweeter than reality but in the end it is just killing you…

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